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Our olives

In our oils we use olives of the Cornicabra, Arbequina and Picual varieties in the production of our single varietals. And we use the blend of Cornicabra and Manzanilla olives, minor varieties of the area, for our Coupage oil.


Arbequina is one of the most famous and popular varieties of olive. Characterised by coming originally from the north-east of the Peninsula, its small size and the fruity sweetness of its oil. La Aceitera de la Abuela produces very special arbequina olives: It was one of the first organic olive farms in Spain with super-intensive or hedge-shaped pruning, and the first in the Madrid region. It is a benchmark for all similar farms nationwide. The climate of this part of the Peninsula and the soils on the floodplains of the Jarama and Tajuña rivers give the olives from La Aceitera de la Abuela a special brand identity. A very intense, fruity taste, with hints of green banana, tomato and damp grass, or even apple, with a distinctive almond aroma. A soft but bold, affable and friendly taste. Excellent with all types of cold or cooked dishes, giving them another flavour dimension. An unforgettable oil from a privileged setting, from young trees that symbolise the deep-rooted philosophy of innovation at La Aceitera de la Abuela. An absolute must in the kitchens of those who know how to enjoy liquid gold. An excellent way to start out if you are not familiar with the taste of extra virgin olive oil.

This variety is typical of the Madrid region. The olives that grow on the older trees at La Aceitera de la Abuela have witnessed and experienced it all. Producing fruit for over seventy years, some with over two centuries recorded in their trunks, and never tiring of producing it. That is how we get a full-bodied oil from our cornicabra olives. Full-bodied with the tang and slight bitterness that characterise this variety. Full-bodied in the nose and mouth, and in its aromas and flavours. It has some unique aromatic qualities, especially its intense fruitiness, with hints of dry grass and tomato, and an intense tart taste and delicious tangy after-taste that lingers in the throat. Perfect for cooking due to its resistance to heat, which gives it its ample content of antioxidants and polyphenols. For the nostalgic, it represents the taste of childhood breakfasts and afternoon snacks. For the healthy, it is the best way to start the day. For father Pedro and son Pedro Andrés, it is an indispensable part of the trilogy of extraordinary green oils that defines and stamps them as farmers and master craftsmen.



Picual is considered the very best of Spain’s olive varieties and the tastiest in the world. It originates from Jaén. However, the picual olives from La Aceitera de la Abuela thrive on the climate and soil of the picturesque Comarca de las Vegas in the region of Madrid. The picual olive oil from La Aceitera de la Abuela is different from any other as it not only has that sharp, tangy bitterness that people like, they have also produced a sweet oil from an olive that rarely merits that description. Its subtle yet persistent and surprising fruity notes in the nose and mouth show how well the soil of La Aceitera de la Abuela suits its olives. Its taste puts the picual oil far above what people imagine oils of this type should be like. Its unique, surprising taste is marvellous not only when used cold. It is also ideal for cooking. Like the cornicabra variety, it has a high content of polyphenols and the antioxidant vitamin E, and it can stand high temperatures without breaking down. A one-of-a-kind oil with a mystery and exoticism that completes the range of “premium mono-varietal” olive oils from La Aceitera de la Abuela. To delight the palate and the heart.

The Coupage olive oil from La Aceitera de la Abuela is definitely different. After years of perfecting it at their mill, optimum results are achieved with every harvest. This Coupage is mostly cornicabra olive oil, blended with some manzanilla and other varieties, such as picual, in small amounts. Its flavours are perfectly balanced. Intense, but suitable for every audience, sweet, but without masking the other subtle hints. Everything comes together to bring a balance, an essential characteristic of this, the last but by no means least, of the olive oils from La Aceitera de la Abuela. Perfect for every occasion, at any time of day and with any accompaniment. Undoubtedly a very fine olive oil, a true benchmark for organic EVOOs.