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arbequina VERDE

From the olive tree to the table

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy food that has been controlled during the cultivation of olives and development ensuring traceability and food safety.

This allows us to recognize the efforts of farmers with their professionalism and commitment take care of our food and environment.


Mantua Carpetana,
our premium brand

Carpetana Mantua's name is remembered the name since the late. Madrid XV gave some Italian humanists (Mantua Carpetanorum) and Peter Martyr in his famous work "Epistolarium". This name continued in some cultural circles along the s. XVI, and therefore remained at the famous map of the cartographer Pedro Texeira, 1656. At the bottom of the label of quality oil "Aceite de Madrid" is reproduced a detail of the plane where you can see the "Plaza Mayor", which out for the road network within their regular appearance and "El Jardín del Moro" next to the River Manzanares.


Mantua Carpetana is the expression of our monovarietal oils. These have a special quality, as the olive is harvested and its juice is produced in its earliest state of maturity, obtaining its younger nuances. The varieties that we use in the elaboration of these oils are the "Cornicabra", "Picual" and "Arbequina" and a Premium selection of "Coupage". For them we use packages that guarantee their quality, presenting them with careful aesthetics.


Do you want to know more? Learn about the sensory stars of each variety of olive.


La Aceitera de la Abuela

It is an Organic Virgin Olive Oil from Madrid, cold extraction, made mostly with olive variety cornicabra.

In Sensory analysis yields a sensory profile in the nose, with intense fruity (with aromas reminiscent of green grass, almond, and apple) a good balance of bitter and pungent in the mouth.

It has a high content of oleic acid, which provides high stability over time.