Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We take care of our olive trees with ecological agronomic techniques, harvesting the olives at the optimal time and preparing the oil in our own plant.

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Olive oil, "liquid gold"

Rich gift for the palate, refreshment for tired souls, golden nectar from these lands. Made with enthusiasm for you to enjoy.

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Stone on stone building history and the future

The human being always pushes forward. On an arduous path to promise reminiscent of progress. With one eye fixed on the essence of the past, and the other set on tracing the straightest paths to a better world.

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Our oil

Located in the southeast of Madrid
in Titulcia.

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The olive harvest is done by the method of
The olive harvest is done by the method of harvesting by mechanical vibrator.

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We control the production ensuring
traceability and food safety.

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From the olive tree to the table

With our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we guarantee quality, food safety, an affordable price, as well as our commitment to the environment.

Our oils

Mantua Carpetana

Our premium brand. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold extraction.

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La Aceitera de la Abuela

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
cold extraction, cornicabra variety

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