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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the company "The grandmother's Oil" comes from the olive groves of the South of Madrid, this is rainfed olive trees frame 10x10, or 100 trees per hectare cultivated with organic production techniques and organic olives that give us "excellent" quality and concentration of flavor and aroma, which only provided rainfed olive trees, which are transmitted in full to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A production system fits exceptionally variety "Cornicabra" majority in the area, with an average production of 10-20 kg per tree,

-Olive-growing is carried out by ecological techniques, ie not using synthetic chemicals to treat weeds, or the pest and diseases.

-The fight against weeds is carried out with traditional breeding work and mechanical weeding with a brush cutter.

-The pest and disease treatment, only when necessary, is by biological control and use of natural products.

-Everything that is generated in the plot in the form of pruning and weed debris rejoins the same parcel as green manure by mincing and buried.



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