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Our company policy is committed to quality, food safety and a reasonable price.
Quality: From a selected olives of excellent quality, we add enthusiasm, dedication and good work that we do from growing to packaging.
Food safety: It is controlled by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture and the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid 
Value for money: Setting margins in both the production and marketing, we have sought a fair price for both the farmer and the consumer.



The Committee of Ecological Agriculture in Madrid (CMEA) is the agency that oversees the quality and methods of preparation of organic olive oil that Madrid and demanding compliance with the European legislation (Regulation 2092/91) that the farmers and food processing industries that produce them are subject to a regime of inspection and review by the Inspection Service of the CMEA with inspections, sampling and documentary checks of registered operators to independently and objectively, examines and certifies all the requirements for production and processing of organic oil in Madrid.



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